Southwest Engineers was founded in 1978 by two friends and engineers, Clarence Littlefield and Jim Wundt. Initially setting out to develop water systems in rural Texas, their work paved the way for a legacy we still uphold today: practicing civil engineering to improve quality of life. Our focus on the values of family, 感激之情, and quality work have been commonplace since Clarence’s son, John Littlefield was 16 and assisting with surveying jobs and lending a hand around the office.

Fast forward past John’s graduation…John’s professional growth and natural leadership skills welcomed a new era for Southwest Engineers, expanding into land development to service the Texas boom. For decades, we honed our skills and focused on client satisfaction. Our 冈萨雷斯 headquarters continued to assist utility districts, 市, 县, and other entities in the quest for reliable water systems, while our 布达 office continued designing subdivisions, 多户型 & mixed-use developments, and commercial projects. Fast forward again to 2020…we expanded our service offerings to include 土地 & ROW Acquisition from a Bastrop附近 office. Today, we continue to assist new & existing clients with improving Texas communities, adding new talent, and promoting from within. We look forward to future milestones including celebrating our 45th anniversary in September, 2023!


Based in Central Texas, Southwest Engineers is a living legacy to the commitment of our founders, 两个一辈子的朋友, to provide high-quality civil engineering to the public and private sectors. Inherent in this commitment is the simple philosophy of “exceptional designs flourish when challenges are accepted.” Our staff includes engineers, project managers, CAD designers & 技术人员, 行代理, and crucial support staff who support the day-to-day needs of staff and clients.

We exude the Texas spirit of respect, 礼貌, 努力工作, 做正确的事情, and not backing down from a challenge. As Texans, we also enjoy good BBQ. We take great pride in contributing to our clients’ successes and improving local communities.


Southwest Engineers is proud to support and grant scholarships to future Texas engineers. Assisting, mentoring, and training the next generation is an important role that we take seriously.


这个奖学金, named after one of the firm’s founders, 可用于活动, 当前的, college students and high school seniors. Awardees will have the opportunity to gain real-world experience by assisting engineers and staff working on real-world engineering projects when internship positions are available.

Previous recipients are welcome to apply each year for consideration but must meet all eligibility requirements and submit all required materials by the stated deadline.

$1,000 and a potential paid summer internship at one of our offices. Summer internships are subject to availability. Internship pay is in addition to the $1,000 amount.



Friday, March 29, 2024 by 5 pm. Finalists will be contacted for interviews.


完成我们的 scholarship application 然后发邮件到 careers@m303slot.net.



保持联系 to discuss your project... 我们可以帮忙.